Saturday, August 2, 2008

Industrial Broiler vs Yardbird

One spring I decided to try raising chickens.
I heard all kinds of advice, from the "What are you thinking? Chickens are such a nuisance!" to "Oh man, I sure miss home grown chicken - good for you!"
Some people told me that I couldn't raise chickens as cheaply, or as well, or as tender, or as good tasting as I can buy them, that butchering is a nightmare and that I'll traumatize my children.
Some told me that home grown chicken is so superior to store-bought that I'll never want to eat another industrial bird, and that my children will learn good and positive things about where food comes from and the cycle of life.
I'm far from knowing all the answers, but this document is a small piece in the puzzle, comparing the culinary qualities of my home-grown cluckers to the shrink-wrapped grocery store standard.

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